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Hello/Possible Reasons Why There Isn't A Chlack in 24 [Jul. 7th, 2014|12:54 pm]
chloe/jack = chlack!



Hello everyone! I just joined this community today, but I am not entirely new to the 24 fandom. Ironically enough, I started watching it just after my 24th birthday last summer and have made it all the way up to season 6 in a year. I love the show and I'm entirely obsessed with the Chlack pairing, which has been turned up to eleven thanks to this new season recently aired.

Sadly, as the season goes on I am losing hope that they will get together at last, especially w/ Audrey still in the picture. Now I don't hate Audrey, but she's just not the right person for Jack and a lot of people seem to know that. This got me to thinking about the probable reasons behind the writers not getting Chloe and Jack together. I've read several posts on this subject from this community and most of you appear to think that the writers don't think Chloe is good enough for Jack. However, outside of Chlackers, I've read some comments from people that have preferred the friendship Chloe and Jack have to possibly something romantic between them. While that is an awesome thing to think and I agree that there needs to be more platonic male/female friendships in the media, I don't think Chloe and Jack fit this category. Other comments I've seen point blank say that Chloe and Jack would not work as a couple; even my own best friend has said this and she isn't even rooting for Audrey, either.

So, what do you guys think? Are Chloe and Jack only meant to be friends? What are the signs that tell certain people that these two would not work as a romance? I'd really like to know what everyone here thinks.

[User Picture]From: jr_jackgrl
2014-07-07 06:25 pm (UTC)
I have been trying to figure this out for a long time! I have a blog on tumblr dedicated to them and I get comments and messages sometimes from the "platonic" bunch about how shipping them is just wrong. When I ask them why Jack and Chloe couldn't be more than friends, they never give me a reasonable answer. It's usually something like "just...eewww." I want a real answer! It's like they don't have anything to back it up!

What makes me mad is that MLR has said numerous times that Chloe loves, or is "in love", with Jack. That right there makes the relationship unrequited (as far as we know), not platonic. One of them is in love, and the comments made by Adrian this season attest to that.

"What is it with you and Bauer? Why can't you just let him go?"

"Did you think I was Bauer? I suppose you can't help yourself."

Why are the writers putting dialogue like that in if they aren't going to have Chloe reveal her true feelings to Jack?

I think they would work as a couple just fine. Chloe is practically part of his family. She looked after Kim for him. He trusts her with his own life. Now, she has lost everything, and I fear he won't be there to catch her when she falls like she has been there for him. Frankly, if this season is heading the way I think it is, I'll not only be pissed at the writers, but at Kiefer, too.

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