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Ties That Bind, Chapter 2 - chloe/jack = chlack! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ties That Bind, Chapter 2 [Mar. 6th, 2008|11:43 am]
chloe/jack = chlack!


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Title: Ties That Bind, Chapter 2
Rating: R, possibly NC-17 later
Summary: set after day six. David Palmer, Milo and Cutis are still alive. Doyle's eyes are fine and he is still at CTU. Bill thought is was going to be just another meeting, but someone else had another plan...

Chapter 2

Chloe had lost all concept of time; She had no clue how long she had been in the dark cell. It felt like forever though, and she was seriously starting to get pissed at Jack for not having rescued her already! She was hungry, dirty and everything she had ached. "If Jack didn't hurry his ass up and get her out of here" she thought, "I am going to have to give them something, so that maybe they will lay off me for awhile."

As she sat huddled on the dirty mattress, trying to get warm, she didn't notice the face that watched her through the peek space in the door.

Closing the peek door shut quietly, the lone figure strode down the hallway.

"If you want her to write codes for you, give her a pad and pen, or a stripped down laptop that she cannot use to access CTU." He said "But I'm telling you that you keep torturing her, you will have more than what you bargained for on your hands and I will not help you deal with the shitstorm that befalls you."

"Are you threatening me?" another voice said

"No. I am telling you the truth." He snarled. "You, my friend have forgotten that I know Bauer better than you ever have! You had your shot at him and he technically won that round!"

Looking at the younger man, he knew that he had a point. "How do you know about what happened last time?"

Laughing harshly the younger man replied "You forget who you are talking to. I may have been out of circuit, but I have kept feelers out, plus I have my sources. Seems you tried this route two different ways, yet it did not net you Jack and your partner is now behind bars."

"You were hired to help me get Bauer" replied the older man.

Glaring at the older man, he answered, before he left the room. "Do what you will. I won't get in your way."

Watching the younger man leave, he turned to his right hand man, "I want someone to watch him, or else plant a device on him, I am not sure I completely trust him, although, he has not let us down yet."

"On it boss." Replied the accented voice.


Doyle had briefed Jack on the flight from New York to Los Angeles. By the time they arrived, he was pissed off and demanding answers.

Walking into CTU, Jack looked around, and then headed straight for Bill, who was engaged in conversation with someone on the phone.

Seeing Jack, Bill nodded towards his office and mouthed at Jack to give him a minute. Finishing up business on the phone, he waited until Doyle and Curtis approached.

"Jack's looking pissed. What happened?" Bill asked.

"We didn't show him them the disc. We went to brief him on the plane, when we booted up the pc, there was a live video - of Chloe being raped, so yeah he is pissed and then some." Doyle replied.

"I sent everything to Nadia." Curtis interjected "She is working on it now, along with a couple of other people. I am going to go meet with her in fifteen minutes. She says that she might have something for us."

"Damn it!" Bill swore. "Okay. You two get with her. Let me deal with Jack."

Walking into his office, Bill closed and locked the door.


"How? How the hell could this have happened???" Jack yelled. "How can they send stuff to our laptops and we not have a trail or a fucking clue??

"Jack, I know you are upset and pissed off about this, but we are doing everything we can. President Palmer has given us access to anything and everyone that we need." Bill replied calmly.

"You're right." Jack answered. "I just..I mean she has saved my ass so many times Bill. We must find her!"

"We will Jack." Bill reassured his friend. "I've got a couple of teams out going through the empty warehouses in and around LA. We are also checking shipyards, airports, and we are checking all communications for bouncing signals. Cell phone dealers have been put on alert and are feeding us information on anyone buying disposable cell phones."

"Good, Good." Jack muttered. "Do we have any idea why they want me here?"

"No. We've referenced any and all known associates and adversaries of yours from your files. Palmer has given us assistance from the FBI and the CIA. They are currently working on that angle."

"So all we can do is wait?" Jack asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." Bill replied.

Meanwhile, Nadia had taken up in a conference room. Two Blackboards and two felt tip boards were taking up space at the end of the room, the conference table had been moved aside and they were making notes and timelines were written on the boards. The walls and one board had pictures plastered over them.

She was one the phone when Curtis and Doyle walked in.

"Jesus" Doyle muttered. "She's got everything from Cheng, Drazen, Salazar, Nina and Mandy up here and more."

"And some new stuff" Curtis muttered, as he pointed to the opposite wall that was covered in paper."

"Thank you." Nadia said as she hung up the phone.

"Sit down guys." She said pleasantly. "I think I might have something for you to work with. I've just been talking to the diving team that searched the area after the oil rig explosion. Apparently, Phillip Bauer's body was never recovered. So far we have not found any new rigs decommissioned by Bauer's company, as a matter of fact, Bauer's company seems to have disappeared completely. I have Milo and some other people working on information that we have on file about Phillip Bauer's company, including financials."

"Holy Shit." Doyle muttered. "What about any of his known residences?"

"Checking on that as we speak." Nadia answered. "So far, nothing."

"I went back, looking at the disc again. Although I cannot tell where Chloe is, I can confirm that it is a concrete enclosure." Nadia explained. "I am thinking warehouse or something underground perhaps. The reason I say that is there are no external noises to be extracted from the disc or the video feed you guys sent me."

"Anything else?" Cutis asked hopefully.

"Yes. Whoever sent you the video feed is using a Mac. Most likely an Apple MacBook." Nadia said.

"Why do you say that?" Curtis asked.

"Because they were "manipulating windows based programs when they sent the feed. That is how they got it onto the laptop. My guess is when we played the disc, that is somehow fed them information from our computer system." Nadia explained.

"So basically they ran some kind of virus or worm to get our information?" Curtis asked.

"Yes." Nadia replied. "They ran a Trojan that opened a "back" door into on our systems. Because no files were altered, our virus protection has not picked up anything. However, the program basically took snapshots and sent information back to the host. The result on their end was a "finger" report. Technicians are currently running through our computers and systems, so far they have not found anything, we could mean that the "Trojan" has been aborted or erased from our systems by the host."

"Great there goes our chance to track them virtually." Groaned Doyle.

Beaming, Nadia replied "Well I have an idea. Depending on what they want from Jack, we could try using their own tactic against them."

Curtis smiled. "Create our own Trojan, so to speak, and install it on a disk that carries whatever it is they want from Jack?"

Nodding, Nadia replied "Exactly. I have been in touch with Chase Edmonds. He is coming in and bringing a friend of his with him. One that an expert on creating just such programs."

"Nothing like a crisis to bring the old team back-together." Curtis muttered. "Did you tell him about Chloe?"

Nadia looked at both men. "No, I didn't think that was a good idea. Seeing Jack's reaction, I know that I was right."

"Well you know he is going to want to know what is going on." Doyle replied.

"Yes. And all we are going to tell him is that Chloe is on vacation." Bill answered.

Everyone looked up to notice that he had come into the room quietly.

Bill continued. "Edmunds just arrived. Jack has gone out to greet him. I like your idea Nadia, go ahead and do it, even if all they want is Jack, he can plant it in one of their computers once they pick him up."

"Okay." Nadia answered. "Have we heard from them yet?"

"Yes." Bill replied as he walked out to meet with Chase and Jack.

Chase, Jack and a young black man walked into the room.

"This is Darrell Allen" Chase told everyone.

"Nadia Yassir. Nice to meet you." Nadia said, as she approached the young man. "Come with me."

Motioning for him to follow her, Darrell went with her down to her work station.

"I am going to fill the President in." Bill said. "Come see me before you leave Jack."

Closing the door behind Bill. Chase turned around. "Okay, now will someone tell me what the hell is going on? This is about Chloe, isn't it?"

"Why do you say that?" Curtis asked.

"Because I don't fucking see her here! You wouldn't be needing a new computer genius, unless you lost the one you have and I know for a fact she still works here!" Chase snarled.

From: (Anonymous)
2008-03-07 08:54 am (UTC)
Very intriguing! Can't wait for more! :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kathryn1193
2008-03-10 03:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading :) I am working on next chapter, just taking a bit longer due to subject matter. I hope you will check back by later. Kathy
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: kj_babygirl
2008-03-10 02:45 pm (UTC)
Gotta love Chase! Chloe is so funny even though she is being held hostage you made her kinda funny because she was pissed at Jack for not rescuing her already. This is getting really good.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kathryn1193
2008-03-10 03:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading. This one is harder to write and is taking longer -- but I am working on the next chapter! :) Yes I figured Chloe would be pissed at Jack LOLOL.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)