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Fans of Jack and Chloe from 24
Welcome to CHLACK, a community for Chloe/Jack fans to gather and discuss and squeal and share. Mostly the squealing, though. 'Cause let's face it: the shipper name is gaudy and infantile. THAT'S why we love it. EMBRACE YOUR INNER FANGIRL.

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Community Rules
1. No bashing of other members or Chloe/Jack; we're here to love so be respectful.

2. No spamming the community.

3. Keep spoilers under a cut for at least a week after the show airs (Mondays in the U.S.). This includes spoilery pictures or media from upcoming episodes (especially in your icons). There's nothing worse than being spoiled. Don't do it. You'll be warned and then action will be taken.

4. Icons, fan art and fan fiction including Jack and/or Chloe are all very welcome but put them under a lj-cut if they are more than 3 icons or art larger than 500 pixels wide. All fan fic should be cut and rated appropriately (G through NC-17).

5. Said icons, fan art and fan fiction are the property of their creators and should not be taken for personal use unless EXPRESSLY PERMITED by the artist. This is usually in the form of "Take, share and CREDIT", etc. Imagine something you created (say, a fan fic) taken and posted without permission. It's a bit discouraging so don't do it.

6. We do not allow soliciting. DO NOT come here just to sell your product. Those entries will be deleted and users who solicit will be BANNED at my discretion.

Now go have fun!


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